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Our Results - Image Gallery

This is a woman over the age of 60. This is her before she had two vials of Radiesse and immediately after! Radiesse produces instant results that last for over 15 months.

This is a young woman who would like to have her lips a little fuller. We use one vial of Juvéderm Ultra. This is a very natural look and it will last up to one year.

This is a women over the age of 70. She has very little upper lip volume and asymmetry. We use one vial of versa total for the deep marionettes and to add symmetry and volume to her lips. This can last 8 to 12 months.

This is a young woman who has very little chin volume. This is immediately after one vial of Radiesse. This can last one to 1 1/2 years The patient was very pleased

This is a correction to address nose asymmetry. We can almost instantly transform a nose in one session. We used one and a half vials of versa to accomplish this improvement. This patient was 18 years old, the correction could last up to two years.

This is a woman over the age of 50 with deep peri-oral lines. As you can see she has a significant improvement and no bruising. We used one vial of a Versa. The patient was very pleased. This can last up to one year.

This is a woman over the age of 60 with deep nasolabial fold‘s and loss of jaw line and marionette. This was with two vials of radiesse. Instant and significant difference that will last up to 15 months. As you can see her lower portion of her face is much more defined as well as her mid face.

This is a woman who just turned 60. She has very little lip tissue and this is after one vial of Restylane silk. Quite a difference and no bruising. This last 8 to 12 months with very little downtime.

Before/After Image Gallery

These images below can be used to demonstrate the difference between some of our patients before and after. To switch between before and after images, use the slider within each image.

Before After

Patient A

Treatment: Radiesse

He had an instant improvement and it lasts him about a year to a year and a half.

Patient B

Treatment: Radiesse

This patient had one vial of Radiesse and it has lasted her over one year.

Patient C

Treatment: Juvéderm

we used Juvéderm ultra plus to improve her lips and nasolabial fold‘s. This will last up to one year.